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Good knitting pattern

September 27, 2012
by Erin B

Ok… so I’m not a great knitter. I’m learning. I’m getting better. I am flat out embarrassed by some of my previous posts about stuggling to understand knitting while not using a standard knitting style. The stuff I didn’t understand then seems so easy now.

So when I find a pattern that is really well written with very clear explanations that doesn’t assume you already know how to turn a heel or what ever, it deserves a shout out. Here it is:

Tadpoles by Gidget’s Stitches.

Very clearly written.  Nothing too complicated.  Lots of visual bang for your buck and it’s free so you can read it through before you commit.   I still need to k2togtbl instead of ssk, but if you aren’t a combination knitter, you won’t have that issue.

It is SO well written I am going to check out the rest of her patterns for future projects.

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