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Feeling blue – graditude post.

March 29, 2011
by Erin B

It’s -8C outside.  It’s snowing.  I think my bike is breaking again.  The BRAKES are fine.  It turns out coaster brakes work much better when you aren’t on sheer ice.  Who knew?

The part that has me worried is the bottom bracket, again.  It is clonking as I pedal.  It is very discouraging.

In the mean time, I entered a bike give away.  Lovely Bicycle is giving away my dream bike.  If I had $1500 dollars….  OK, Let’s be fair, if I had $1500, I have windows that need replacing.  But let’s pretend my house was all fixed up and I had some money to spend, THIS is the bike I would get.

However the contest has gone viral and I’ve never won much more than a free coffee.  So, not much real hope there.  I am not well off, but there are lots of people that are worse off than me.

My house is very small, but we can pay our mortgages.  Lots of people can’t.  My kids aren’t healthy, but no one has anything fatal.  I think we manage C’s diabetes fairly well when she is here with us.   E gets a lot of colds, but they don’t usually last too long.  We only have one car but it can comfortably hold the whole family and isn’t too big that we can’t afford to put gas in it.  My husband loves me and lets me know it.  AND he does the dishes.

I have wonderful supportive parents and parents-in-law. I have wonderful friends that keep me company and organize a game night every week, so I’m not completely socially deprived.  Toddler girl E gives the nicest hugs and says “luv vu mum mum” and is so sweet and cute it brings tears to my eyes.

I will be ok without a bike, if it turns out that this one completely fails.  I just really hope it doesn’t.

UPDATE:  I posted my tale of woe to bike forums and have been told not to ride my bike as is.  Victoria is benched until I can take her to the Doctor.  In the mean time, the very nice lady (and I mean that in the true sense of the word, not in the condescending way that irritates feminists) at Lovely Bicycle has sent me a “Thank you for your entry” email.  The winner is being announced in May, but it was really nice to hear my letter at least made it past her spam filter.  I hope this all works out some how.

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