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Stay Original or Customize

July 17, 2012
by Erin B

French bike has a lovely chain ring.

The cut outs reference the spiffy deco detail on the frame

However, I am not really road cycling on this bike.  The frame is light enough (compared to my “ALL STEEL” bikes) that I think I could a little, but I’m not.  It is a fun fast city bike.  So stopping at lights and checking of family etc, I’m on and off the saddle a fair bit.  Every time I ride it, I get chain guck on my right calf.

This is where I get all conflicted.   I love it just the way it is…. but would it be more useful to me with something like this:

I have spoken before about how much I adore this crankset.  I should just face it, with skinny tires this is a fair weather bike even with the fenders….  but part of me thinks “if my pants were safe, I could ride it to work.”

The whole idea is purely academic at this point.  I ordered some VO parts for this bike, namely the inverse brake levers and the city grips.  I know that even those changes will make some purists shudder, but the current grips are broken and the brake levers are very close to the end of the bars. If I switch to the other style, I will have a second grip position in the handlebar corners.  One upgrade at a time.

PS: In a classic example of Murphy’s Law, the day after I ordered parts from VO directly, I found out that Bike Universe is now a local distributor.  Drat!  I could have saved on shipping and brokerage and supported a local business if I had known that a little sooner.

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  1. July 28, 2012 11:05 pm

    I recently put the VO chainring in my Peugeot, and I love it. It just makes it more versatile – I can ride it anywhere without worrying about what the terrain will be like.

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