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Good Bye Nicolas…

July 5, 2012
by Erin B

Ah, Nicolas Nishiki….  How I loved your glorious lug work.  Not to plain, not too fancy.  Beautifully pinstriped in a way that I never could.Your cro-moly frame was feather light compared to my other vintage bikes:

You towed my trailer and got us where we needed to go, even if it was very undignified for a bike of your caliber.

We had a lot of fun together.  I had such hopes for you.  I was going to get skinny tires and fenders that you so deserve.  I didn’t ever get you that copper water bottle cage I promised.  I did order one, but it has been on back order for over a year now….

In the end, that was the down fall of our relationship.  I wanted so much for you.  It wore me out just thinking about all the work I had planned.  Not that you don’t deserve it, you do.  You are worthy of the work, of the hard to find but cool bike accessories.  But in my stable you would always be a second stringer after the Raleighs and you deserve better than that.   I think it is time to find you a good home.  It’s time for us to go our separate ways.  It’s time for you to find someone who craves your zippy speeds more than I.  You need someone who will make you fly over the concrete and scream around the corners.

I just can’t be that girl.

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