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Here’s the thing…

June 28, 2012
by Erin B

I don’t blog about work.  That just seems like a way to offend someone at the best of times.  It is just a bad idea.  Since I work in health care, it is an even worse idea.  I don’t want to say I had a good/bad/whatever day at work and have someone jump to a conclusion about my patients.  Bad idea.

So, this isn’t about my job.

I am spending a bit of time in the next year upgrading my credentials.  It is going to be hard and expensive and time consuming and problematic.  The last batch of people who tried this included a bunch of people I know and care about who were mislead who, through a series of poor communication events on the part of the post secondary institution that is offering the upgrading, spent a lot of time and money to be told at the end that they weren’t eligible in the first place.

Interestingly enough, I don’t believe they were offered refunds.

Anyway, it has been really stressful the last few weeks working for the SACLXT board of directors.  And as a separate thing, it has been really stressful trying to make darn sure I know what I am getting into and have everything in writing before enroll in classes next week.  And as separate thing, (and this is where I am asking for help from local readers) I am a little stressed out about making a 30th anniversary poster for SACLXT.  I really need to round up a bunch of volunteers to pose as patients and a place to do photography, just to get a few pictures that will be less than 4 inches square on the final thing.

So, my professional stuff that has NOTHING to do with patients has being wearing on me a little.

Please just bear with me as I try to make it through the next two weeks.  If I get any blog posts up, they will likely be hardware or recipe quick posts.


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