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My Ugly Bike

June 27, 2012
by Erin B

I have blogged before about Lu.  And don’t get me wrong, I am really glad to have him.  But, I just saw this ad:


My first thought was “Wow!  Look how minty they are!”

My second thought was “Eep! $600”

Third thought “Meh, $300 each is a little high, but you would get a matched set”

Fourth thought “Now I won’t feel bad about painting Lu.”

And that’s the one I’m settling on.  Sure I would love a Raleigh 20 with a good paint job, but this way I can pick out whatever colour I want.  I think I want a metallic powder blue.  Something like this:

I LOVE this bike!  Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to fix up my Nishiki, but I would still trade him in a heartbeat for that frame.  Mind you, I would want brakes and more gears and fenders and racks because what I really want is a touring bike with drop bars….  Or I could just copy the colour onto a bike I already have and thus have a cool folding bike in a great colour.

UPDATE: Holy Foreshadowing Batman!  I promise that when I wrote this I wasn’t looking for a mixte.  I wasn’t looking for a new bike at all.    It is hard to believe that only week later the perfect mixte roadbike would fall in my lap with all the accessories I asked for and more.

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