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That’s Not My Bike!

June 15, 2012
by Erin B

…. It’s too shiny!

It is an entirely different folding bike made in Yugoslavia (back when there was such a place) and owned by my Father In Law, B.  I brought it back from their cabin last fall and spent the winter cleaning it up and replacing, well, everything.

It has cool disco orange and gold glitter paint, original holographic sparkle reflectors on the pedals , brand new white wall tires, new tire tubes, new chain, new front brake pads, new fendars, new(ish) saddle and every inch has been scrubbed and polished.  I wish I could say the amazing transformation on this bike gives me hope for Lucifer (aka Beelzebike) but it doesn’t really.  This bike had less rust and was a fun color to start with.  I’m going to start by cleaning up Lu and see what can be saved, then I’ll decide if it is worth a new paint job next year or if poop brown is the colour I am stuck with.

In the meantime, Disco Bike is really fun to ride and is already back to B.  I hope he lets me use it when we go up to their cabin this summer.

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