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Darn you, Internet!

June 12, 2012
by Erin B

It’s 23:19 and I’m baking bread in my 2 quart Lodge dutch oven.  It’s a long story and that isn’t the point.  I’m in my kitchen, everyone else in the house is asleep because she is 3 and her bedtime is before 20:00 and he has to go to work in the morning and is more sane than I am.

What’s a girl to do?

I decide to waste some time on the internet.  I search for Is Le Crueset worth it?  Because, well, I want to know.  I get this link and feel really good about my Lodge.  And start craving ribs, but it is almost midnight and I am not going there.

Then I find this post.  My enameled cookware is not Lodge brand, but she has some good points about the colors.  I guess I am all superficial like that too.

But then (dear lord!) I follow the link to the sample colors!  Don’t do it!  I wish I hadn’t!  There is no going back!

And if you do, what ever you do, don’t follow the link to Indigo!  Argh!  Or Coastal Blue!

I wish I could unsee that!

I still love my plain, Lodge cast iron.  I know that I will never be able to afford Le Creuset.  I am OK with that…. mostly.

My Father In Law has this saying “window shopping just makes you dis-satisfied with what you have.”  That isn’t quite what I’m feeling here.  I adore what I have….  It would just be nice in a different colour.

And I completely agree with the author…  I can’t thoil an extra $200 just to get my colour preference.  That is just ridiculous.  Never mind that my favourite colours aren’t even available in this country.

Maybe I’ll win a Pioneer Woman give away someday.

In the mean time…. I have fresh bread for breakfast.

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