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Whine, whine….wine?

March 7, 2011
by Erin B

I wish I could write about how excited I am to be training.  But I’m not.

Today’s plan included 20 minutes of swimming and 20 minutes of run/walking.  The only time I could get the swim in was 6am.  The weather was -34C.  My garage door is broken so the car had been parked out all night and my hands froze to the steering wheel.  The pool was busy and I managed to get a complete sinus rinse during my second lap.

The whole thing felt like a prolonged drowning rather than a swim.

However, I did do better than I did on Friday.

I hope the nose plug I ordered with my swim cap will help.

I really need a nap, but my 2 year old isn’t going to let me have one.

It will get better. 

I just wish I could afford better gear.  I found a great deal on a triathlon bike for $200.  I don’t have $200.  So, I’m off to the basement to spend some time fixing up the $5 special I have almost ready to go in my basement.  I miss being a two income house.

As for the wine, that will have to wait until after I work the evening shift tonight.

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