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Things I have learned this week

February 28, 2011
by Erin B

– my little point and shoot just really isn’t up to food photography

– food stylists must not use real mashed potatoes

– you can make crepes in a non-stick pan works but they don’t get that wonderful slightly crisp texture they do from cast iron

– if you are making crepes for people you are having over, you really need two pans to keep up

– if you don’t have two pans, start cooking an hour before everyone gets there

– talking about food is more fun when you aren’t working the late shift in health care.  Or really any late shift, I would bet…

– my toddler thinks whipped cream is “cake”

– when feeding toddlers, it is better to cut the food on their plate in the kitchen so they don’t object to seeing you messing with their food in the dining room.  Since I have a kitchen diner, I am just screwed. 

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