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May 23, 2012
by Erin B

When I planned and built my garden last year, I was trying to build it so that I (or T) would still be able to garden if we needed to do it from a chair.   We both has some issues that may require that in the future.  Lee Valley makes this great gardening cart:

That we were lucky enough to get as a wedding present years ago.  I was careful to lay the pavers in such a way that the cart would be able to go around all sides of the garden beds.  I knew I might need that someday.

I wasn’t expecting it to be this year!

With the use of the cart and a long handled Garden Weasel:

I was able to turn the soil myself, even with a swollen foot.  I did however need T to load the compost into the wheelbarrow and bring it around to the front yard to add to the garden beds.  That too was helped by having good, easy to use tools.  We have a dumping wheelbarrow that has four wheels for stability (also a wedding gift).  Not exactly this one, but one like it:

Ours is older and really needs to be sent for re-coating….  But that will wait until T is getting his tractors powder coated.  Then we will have a green and yellow barrow.  We like this style wheel barrow so much that a few years ago we got T’s mom one too!

I know most of the world can plant before Victoria day Long weekend, but I am in gardening zone 2b (subarctic) and so even though I was working on prep, the seedlings didn’t go into the ground until this weekend.

Our budget is a little tight, since I’m not working and not getting WCB benefits but T’s mom took to to green houses and paid for my seedlings!  Yay!  Thank you so much, Y!

Little girl helped dig in the dirt and I put her to work using the watering can as I was planting.  It worked great.  I have pictures, but mostly it still just looks like dirt:

Other things that got done, but don’t photograph well include moving the irises from the strawberry bed to beside the fence, and planting asparagus where the irises were.  So far, the asparagus doesn’t look like anything…..  but the plants we planted last year came back!   I was sure they hadn’t made it.  But they still don’t look like anything.  From the time you plant it until it is ready to harvest is about three years….  Up here that maybe closer to four 🙁

But my garden is in!  Yay!

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