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Doctor Who

April 25, 2012
by Erin B

What with one thing and another, I have been watching more Doctor Who lately.  Don’t get me wrong, I was an early adopter of the new series, but now that I can buy it on iTunes I have been slowly building my collection.

And I have to say, I hope they keep Matt Smith for a while.

I have been a little disappointed at the rate of Doctor turn over these days.  In Days Gone By, a Doctor Who incarnation was good for a few years at least.  Tennant stuck around for a while.  Eccleston, well, I really liked him, but he really didn’t get a fair chance, only being cast for one season.  Matt Smith…

Ok, I’ll be honest.  I have really, REALLY enjoyed the last two seasons.  I can’t really tell if it is because he is such an amazing actor or if it is the writing.  My favourite episodes from the Tennant years, from any of the new series, have been the Steven Moffat ones.  “The Empty Child” episode creeps me out every time I watch it.  And I really hope we get more River Song.  She is one of the most interesting characters on the series.

I’m OK letting the Ponds go.  I hope they aren’t killed off.  I would like to see Amy and Rory settle down and have more kids.  Maybe it was because she didn’t really know she was preggers with River, but Amy got over the idea that she would never see her baby WAY too easily.  If Little Girl turned to slime, I would be inconsolable.  Amy just kind of got over it.  That River grew up with Amy and Rory wouldn’t be any kind of help for me.  If some one takes your baby, how to you ever get over that?

To me, Craig and Sophie Owens (and little Stormageddon) were a more realistic portrait of parenthood.

Plus, if River gets some siblings, there is always the chance of a future Pond companion.

I like that the story line is being set up for “The Silents” to fall.  I can see that they are prophesying their own destruction, which if they hadn’t drawn attention to themselves, would not have happened.  I know the Doctor (a Doctor) will win, but I am really interested to see how it all ties back in to clues that have already been left.  Moffat is amazing at that.  Planting clues YEARS before he is ready to use them.  Brilliant.

All this is to say, if you haven’t watched the new Doctor Who, go out and get it!  Locally, you can borrow the DVD’s from the library and seasons aren’t too expensive on iTunes.

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