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April 24, 2012
by Erin B

The forecast high today is 24C/75F!  That is a very nice day.  Normally, Little girl and I would spend a nice day like this out side.  We would go to the park, play in the garden, line dry the laundry.  Wonderful, summery outdoors stuff!

I would go biking!  I did bike to work this weekend.  It got exciting for a moment or two on the way home.  Cars aren’t used to bikes on the road yet.  My exciting was someone making a left turn crossing my lane of traffic that caused me to slam on the brakes.  I can’t really blame that on the driver’s lack of experience with bikes, since the Honda Civic next to me had to panic stop too.  Things drivers should know, even with three brakes (one more than standard), heavy steel bike (there are still lots on the road around here) has a stopping distance as long as the stopping distance of a car.  Actually, longer than the Honda.

Anyway.  I’m not biking today, and it isn’t because of dumb drivers.

I have hurt my foot a little.  Some one accidentally stepped on my.  I wasn’t expecting it to be that bad, but now it is.  It is red and swollen and very painful.  I’m waiting for the results of the x-rays.  I hoping that since it took a few hours from the time of injury to become painful, that it is “just” deep bruising and not any broken bones.

No biking for me.  Barely any walking, in fact.  That is kind of irritating.  Little girl and I walk to her preschool.  Every time.  Rain or snow storm or very cold, we walk.  Today is the last one and we have to drive because I can’t weight bear on my toes.  Poor V had to buy me a tensor bandage to put on it and I’m not sure if my shoes will still fit.


Pictures of flowers from my garden to take my mind off of it:

In other news, all the new parts are now installed on Unnamed….  I hope to get pictures soon.  Some of the new parts are lovely and some aren’t.  But this bike is very functional and not as precious to me as Claire.

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