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Third Ride Summary

April 3, 2012
by Erin B

My third ride of the season was errand running, with a tiny little recreation ride at the beginning.  The plan was to bike to work with T, then get the new pedals put on Unnammed.  They are finally in!  Yay!  The Bike Doctor had to track down NOS (new old stock) for me since the size I need isn’t easily available in Canada.

On the way out the door, I realized that this morning was the first lesson of Little Girl’s new batch of swimming lessons.   By that point she was totally hyped about going for a bike ride.  I don’t think I talked it up, but she started asking T for a Chariot ride.  Her pronunciation wasn’t great and it took us a few tries to understand.  She is way more patient than I would be and will carefully repeat a word ten or more times until the big people understand what she is saying.  By the time I realized that we didn’t have time to get the new pedals before swimming, it was too late to cancel the bike ride without a major break down.

So we all biked 2/3 of the way to T’s work, then Little Girl and I biked home and packed for swimming lessons.  We biked to swimming, even though I don’t like the kind of bike racks they have.

It was her first one with out a parent in the water.  She did great but she is SO much smaller than all the other kids in her class.  She still had a huge grin on her face the whole time she was in the pool, even if it took her a moment to really get into the idea that she had to go through the showers and into the water with a bunch of kids she had never seen before and a teacher she had only met once.  I sat in a chair.  Not as much fun for me either, let me tell you.

I’m kind of hoping one of the older kids will help her out a little with pushing the shower button, since she is too short to reach.

After swimming, we had a snack (fruit) and biked to get the pedals changed.  When we got home we had lunch and a rest on the couch.  I decided to get Claire’s pedals changed too.  They aren’t in too bad of shape, but the new ones are a little smoother.

Riding Claire and Unnamed in the same day made it very apparent that I need to adjust Unnamed’s handle bars and maybe seat a little.  I’m not sure if I can raise the handle bars at all or if Claire just has a longer stem.  An extra inch would be so much better.

Anyway, with one thing and another, it was about 31km.  That is nothing compared to last summer when I would get close to 70km in a day between knitting and grocery runs.  But it is a lot for so early in the season.

I have also found the down side of biking in old jeans.  I bike in jeans all the time, but the pair I had on today were getting a little …. broken in worn out.  I managed to split them right where the saddle rubs on the inside seam.  It made it a bit drafty on the way home.  This is the fourth pair of jeans that has fallen apart on me in the last couple of weeks.  You can sure tell that I bought them all at the same time, because they are all wearing out together too.  I don’t hate jean shopping as much anymore.  I found one style that fits and I just get a bunch of pairs all the same.  Kind of dull, but really easy.  I’m a “jeans and a t-shirt” mom.

Tomorrow, we bike to knitting.  I’m a little nervous.   It’s the longest in one stretch so far, but not the longest total.  12kms in each direction and more hills than I have done this year.

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