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Places SAHM go

April 2, 2012
by Erin B

In my attempt to build a car-free challenge, I have been thinking about where it is I go in a week.  I think at this point, based on peer feed back, it would be better to think of it as a car-free challenge.  Walking, biking or public transit.  Other feed back that I have gotten is that six consecutive weeks is not realistic.   Kids get sick, things come up.  Six weeks out of eight or over the summer would make more sense to local moms.

1. Groceries – usually twice a week or so

2. Banks – not that often, but usually once a month or two

3. Play dates – weekly

4. Park – weather permitting, we haven’t been to a park all winter

5. Playground – several of the malls have indoor play structures for kids under 7

6. hobby of your choice – in my case knitting group

7. free library program – check your local library, mine has a bunch, but you usually either need to pre-register or get their early and stand in line

8. free art or museum program – the local public art gallery has a free Sunday craft program for kids

9. School, preschool, drop in activity center – I thought a lot about including this one.  Locally, most drop in activity centers have a fee attached but in the summer the city runs some free ones at the local water park.  Mostly since I am looking for places to go where little girl can run some.  Even if there isn’t anything on at the school, we can still use the play ground as long as it isn’t recess.

10. Library for book related visit, not program specific – because really, changing up the reading material is vital.  Green Eggs and Ham is less fun when it is being requested five times a day.  It would be nice to try a couple of different library branches.  I have three that I can bike too.  None of them are walkable and only one is easy to get to via public transit, but I can mix it up a little.

11. Shopping – not groceries

12. Hair cut – doesn’t work for me, but maybe for someone else

13. Swimming pool, puddle park or gym – my family does make a point of registering in swimming lessons.  It isn’t free, but in the summer the city offers free sprinkle and puddle parks.

14. Play date exchange – one point for each family that comes to your house via bike, walking or public transit because you might want to take this challenge with another mom and hosting a family on bike should count for something.

15. Post office – there is always something.

16. Picnic – I know that we aren’t warm enough for this yet, but ….

I’m trying to put together a list of about 15 – 20 places and then suggest people try to get in twelve trips, two a week, six weeks out of eight through out the spring and into summer vacation.  I know that most of the people who read this (and know me) aren’t inclined to leave comments, but if you have suggestions feel free to corner me at Stay and Play or LLL or whatever.  I’m interested to hear where you go with your kids.

The moms I know make a point of getting their kids the hour a day of active play, but it can sometimes be through drive to the activity then sit and watch your kids be active.  Not a lot of activity for the mom is my point.  This challenge would be partly to try out the idea of non-car transportation and partly to find a way to get some mom activity in your day too.

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