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I am not a foodie

February 14, 2011
by Erin B

I am a stay at home mom trying to feed a blended family of five on a grocery budget that occasionally approaches zero.  This month, for example, it was $80 and what ever I had in my pantry and freezer to get us through to payday.  I love reading food blogs.  I can’t afford fancy ingredients, even if I could find them in my local market.  I want a “work with what you’ve got” food blog that doesn’t morph into a restaurant tour blog (Sorry Average Betty, I love what you did, but lately you haven’t been much help).  That doesn’t need special tools.  Or lots of time.  Or lots of dishes.  Or lots of experience. 

I am not a good cook.  I didn’t learn on my momma’s knee.  I love my mom, but I don’t cook the way she does and my kids likely won’t cook the way I do.   And that’s OK.  I am learning as I go and I promise to publish my failures.  Where are the blogs for those of us that are learning?  Following ones where everything turns out ALL THE TIME, just makes me feel worse when my supper doesn’t go according to plan.  I really miss Ctrl Alt Chicken for that keep going even if it doesn’t work attitude.

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