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And now back to our regularly scheduled reality

March 7, 2012
by Erin B

Ok, ok, yesterday’s post was getting a little crazy.  What do I really NEED to make this bike go?

The first and most important thing is brakes.  Unnamed currently doesn’t have any brake pads.

I don’t have a saddle or basket, but I can order those cheap off the internet.  The peddles aren’t great, but those are about $6 at my LBS.  The new rack won’t be cheap, but I will need one if I am biking for groceries.  It is also illegal to ride without a bell or noise maker and just yelling doesn’t count.  Call it $20 for a nice bell, if I can’t find one in my box of spare parts.  I’m pretty sure I have that covered.

The grips are frankly crap, but I could get by for a little while before replacing them with some cork ones.  Once you go cork, there is no going back.

I won’t really need lights since I won’t be biking after dark on this bike.  Claire has a good light set and I’ll take her for the after dark trips, which is mainly biking home from work.

I would like to splash out on some custom decals for Unnamed, but that isn’t really needed to make it go.  In the meantime, it’s about $4 for a pin striping paint pen and I can decorate with that.  And maybe another $6 for some reflective tape for the rear fender patch.

It will be fine.

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  1. LAT permalink
    March 7, 2012 1:34 pm

    Reality is such a harsh mistress. 😛 I’m sure whatever you do will be stylish!

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