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Let’s Go Ride a Bike

February 24, 2012
by Erin B

That bit about keeping your butt in the saddle really depends on frame geometry.  Check out Dottie from Let’s Go Ride a Bike. That Oma is a SOLID bike. I would LOVE to try one out, but they are not widely available up here.  As you can see, the dutch bikes have a VERY upright posture that allows tall people to touch the ground in heels while in the saddle.  If you watch the second video, Trisha is shorter and she can’t do that.

I’m not sure that would work with USA versions of dutch bikes.  Check out a frame comparison:

This is the Workcycles Oma

This is the Public loop frame:

Here is the Linus Dutchie:

And, just for fun, here is the Gazelle that I came to with in a week of buying last year:

If you look at the rear triangle, (between the seat, the axle, and the bottom bracket) you can see there is a difference between the USA bikes and the actual Dutch bikes.  The USA bikes seem to have a shorter wheel base.  The different angle of the head post down to the front axle means that you have less forward lean to reach the handlebars on the Dutch bikes.

Now check out the wheel base, rear triangle and head post angle on Claire:

Wider wheel base than the USA bikes.  Her rear triangle is closer to the Dutch bikes.  I do still have to lean forward a little to get to the handle bars.

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