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Almost ready to go!

February 22, 2012
by Erin B

I took a bike into the shop and I got back a box of parts:

I still had to remove some clips and the stickers, but not the paint transfer decals.  I don’t know what those 1970’s aftermarket metallic stickers where made of, but they did NOT want to come off.  C helped a lot.  We spent 45 minutes picking them off one tiny fleck of tin sticker at a time.  Thanks to Cycler over at Biking in Heels, I was able to get the head badge off with out wrecking it.  Maybe I’ll turn it into a pin or something.

Unnamed is almost already to go.  Almost.  The last hold out problem is this:

That little metal thimble cup is supposed to come out like this:

The first one came out with a lot of effort and some cursing, but I can NOT get the other one out.  No matter how much cursing I do.  Normally, I would let T try, but he has caught a nasty bug and is confined to bed for the foreseeable future.  And if he isn’t miraculously better tomorrow morning, I am going to have to cancel another diner invite.

I swear we are cursed.  Whenever I invite someone for diner, we get sick.

As my friend B would say, “Craptastic!”


Parts that I removed:

Rear Reflector

Bullet tip from front fender

Rear fender clamp

Brass headbadge

and TWO timble cups!  Yay!

Muenster Powder Coating here I come!

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