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Here we go!

February 18, 2012
by Erin B

Today is the day I take Unnamed in to have all the parts stripped off before painting.  I hope everything works well and it all comes apart in such a way that it can all be put back at the end.  I can still get new parts that will fit the frame, but I hope I can keep using the old ones for a while.  Yes, it would be nice to have all up graded parts.  A new thread-less bottom bracket and cotter-less cranks.  But those are all upgrades for the  “someday file. ”  It isn’t part of the project for now.

Some day, I will upgrade to this bottom bracket:

Which would allow me to upgrade to this pretty crank set:

And while I’m at it, it would be nice to have a new leather saddle and grips, but at that point, I have just tripled the budget for this bike.  So for now, I am going to really hope everything is reusable at the end of this.

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