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Powder coating fever

February 11, 2012
by Erin B

OK, I have to admidt I’m excited about taking Unnamed to get powder coated.  I have found a place, Muenster Powder Coating.  I don’t know if they have TARDIS blue, but they are highly recommended.  I have organized with a local bike shop to do the take apart and reassembly before and after powder coating.  I have come up with Plan A: Tardis Blue and I hand paint the pinstripes in white, Plan B: metallic copper and I hand paint the pinstripes in brass color (such a long shot that I haven’t even asked), or Plan C: the perfectly nice green color they have as a sample on their facebook picture.  The thing is colours on your monitor aren’t always true, so really, I’ll have to pick the colour when I drop it off.

Here is the sample picture they sent me for a very nice periwinkle blue colour:

I am going to get someone to weld a kickstand plate to the frame before it goes for powder coating so that I don’t have to worry about the kickstand clamp scratching the new finish.

I’m a little worried because I have to take off some of the foil decals that I don’t think were stock, but it seems to have acquired along the way.  I don’t know if a razor blade will take that off or if I will need to investigate industrial solvents.

I’m a little sad that the head badge won’t be visible after the it is refinished, but I don’t know how to get it off and re-attach it later.  T is going to look into that for me.  He is taking a welding class on Feb 25 and may be welding the kickstand plate for me.  If not, I have a back up welder in place.

I know it’s a little weird to be posting twice about a project that is still weeks away from being done, but I am REALLY excited!

I know I have written before about wanting a steam punk version of Claire.  I know that copper finish is even more than a long shot than TARDIS blue, but the idea of having a bike that is the same frame (with in a couple of years) as Claire that I get to pick the finish on is ….  well, I’m using the word exciting again.  I can’t wait!  Squee!

The time line is Unnamed gets dismantled the week of February 20th,  I spend the week cleaning the frame and removing stickers.  It gets the plate welded on over the weekend and goes for powder coating February 27th.  It comes back March 7th or 8th.  It goes to get reassembled March 9th or so.  Which means it will be ready to ride by the second week in March, when with any luck, the weather will be ready for first bike rides of the season.  Perfect!  I don’t know how realistic my time line is, but as long as I can be biking in April, it’s golden!

You will likely have to put up with more bike status updates in the next few weeks.  Please bear with me.  The blog is called Bikes, the Universe and Everything.  Bikes are a big part of my universe and being benched for the winter is hard.

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