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I am big enough to admidt the contradiction

November 12, 2011
by Erin B

Toddler girl is turning three years old this week.  And as much as I would like to add more whole food to our diet, I am not willing to give up on birthday cake.

I went with Alton Brown’s Chocolate Chiffon Cupcakes and the pudding icing that my mom used to make me when I was small.  Not at all compatible with the low sugar / whole food ideal that I aspire to, but I also don’t want to be to fanatical about it.  Cupcakes a couple of times a year aren’t going to hurt us.  And (for the amount of dishes it takes) I really only do make stuff like this a few times a year.

Unfortunately, we have entered the chocolate holiday gauntlet.  September birthday chocolate will be followed by Halloween chocolate, then followed by November birthdays’ chocolate, December has a birthday and Christmas chocolate for a double trouble, January has New Years and my birthday, then Valentines day and Easter.  Then (somehow) we are supposed to magically have a bikini body for June.

I’m not really trying for a bikini body, but I have to say I find that too much chocolate messes with my sleep patterns.  It also bothers me that the chocolate holidays somehow turn up just in time for all of us Canadians to be trapped in side by the snow with hyperactive kidlets on a huge sugar high.  If it was over the summer, we would be spending enough time outside that she would burn off all the extra energy in the backyard.  Running and screaming in the living room is …. harder on moms.  And furniture.

The cupcakes were very nice and not too sweet but they really only have about 24 hours before they start to go stale.  The icing is sweet, but not as bad as a buttercream.  You just have to go easy on it.

Erin’s Mom’s pudding Icing recipe:

1 pack (four servings) Jello instant pudding in the flavour of your choice.

1 envelope Kraft Dream whip (powered whip topping)

1 1/3 cup milk

Toss it all into the mixer and whip for about 5 minutes.  Let set in fridge for 5 – 10 minutes before icing cupcakes.

PS:  I’m about to be that mom who throws out the rest of the Halloween candy.  It is out of sight but I am tired of having sticky … everything.

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