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Taking it easy

September 30, 2011
by Erin B

The antibiotics took care of the bronchitis and I am no longer coughing or wheezing and I feel better.  On the other hand, I am not back on my bike yet.  It is driving me nuts.  I like my car, but I like my bike better and I miss it.  I just don’t think I am up to hauling toddler.

I am also kind of feeling left behind.  Aside from REALLY missing my bike, the bike blogs I read, women who started out in the same biking place that I did have all left me in their wake.  Ride blog has been biking in Ireland, something I have been dreaming about since grade 11 when I met a new irish immigrant who talked about tiny roads back home.  Lovely Bicycle has joined a pace-line, which V would love and I would like to try with her.

My Nishiki rebuild is kind of stalled due to lack a available parts, so my road bike is currently “use with care” due to the pedals hitting the ground on leaned turns.  My triathlon dreams failed due to lack of swimming skills.

I know that all of that is just life.

I just hate that I am missing out on the season.  Soon it will be too cold to bike and I’ll be stuck inside again.


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