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August 26, 2011
by Erin B

Out of my slightly over 8 cups of chopped peaches, I got about 2 cups of peaches and about 4 cups of peach syrup and a few snacks for family members of all sizes who raided the pot during the three days.  Everyone tasted.  Even the big girls came over from their mom’s house and tried some when I wasn’t home.  I know that some of the shrinkage was due to that, but mostly I think the sugar dessicated the peaches down that much.

Where the shrinkage due to tasting really shows is here:

Out of my 25 pound box of peaches, I was able to can 4 pints.

Yup, those peaches are good fresh and 80% ish didn’t make it to canning day.  Next week I buy two cases and can frantically while everyone is at work.

So about the brandied peaches.  What I ended up doing was canning the one pint I had and using the syrup on the other three pints of peaches I had left, then also canning a jar of peach brandy syrup.  I am going to label the jars as Brandied Peaches (1 jar) Peaches in Brandy Syrup (3 jars) and Peach Brandy Syrup (1 jar).

I also found out that my Granny’s mega canner went to my sister who doesn’t do any canning.


At some point I am going to have to invest in some more gear.

Left to Right: Brandied Peaches, Brandy Peach Syrup, Peaches in Brandy Syrup

Next week – let’s see how many cans you can get out of a case without people sampling

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