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My Laundry Room

August 24, 2011
by Erin B

Two posts in one day?  Yup.  It’s that kind of a day.

This is my laundry room.  It has almost everything I need.  Hot and cold running water.  A grungy but serviceable laundry sink.  A washer and drier that were engagement and wedding presents from my parents.  A wonderful upright freezer that was a wedding present from my Aunt A and Uncle B.  On the opposite wall is completely ugly storage for off season clothes and shoes and shelves for my home made canned goods like jam and (if the hail hadn’t taken out my cucumbers) pickles.

It isn’t decorated like something out of a home magazine, but it’s in the basement so it doesn’t need to be.

It is just fine….except that it doesn’t have any heat in the winter.

Yup.  Somehow, no one has ever run a line from the furnace into this room.

It has been on our to do list for a while.  Usually, we just put a baby gate up to contain the bunny who lives in there at night and leave all the doors open downstairs so the other rooms keep it sort of warm.

However, that was before we got Slipper.

Slipper has the potential to be a bunny show jumping champion.  The baby gate is no barrier to him.  He gets more height than that in his practice runs.

You may not know this, but rabbits dance when they are happy.  They bounce and spin and… dance.  Slipper can randomly spring as high as my shoulders without even thinking about it when he is happy.  I know because he misjudged how close I was once and grazed the top of my arm with his back toes.

This means we have to leave those other doors closed at all times.  Which means we have to get the duct work fixed before winter.

So we are.  The furnace guy is downstairs adding a heat run right now.

Yes, it is one more thing on our line of credit, but it should be the last thing this year and we have a plan to have it all paid off by next summer.   I could have dipped into our emergency fund to cover some of this stuff, but…  Well, here’s the thing:

T and I had a nice saving account set up to get us through my mat leave.  We were going to replenish it went I went back to work.  Then I lost my job at the end of my mat leave and life was really hard for a long time.  It took a few months to find a new job only to have to quit due to Toddler girl having health problems.  It has been really, REALLY hard to rebuild our emergency savings.

After that nothing seems like a big enough emergency to use it.  Water damage to the house because it need repair and repaint? Not a big enough emergency.  I have come to see that money as major catastrophe money.  Job loss or major illness only.  So home repairs are going on the LOC and we will pinch our pennies really hard to pay it off without using that money.  Then if something bad happens, we can coast on the emergency fund for a little while until things get better.  Once you learn that having a baby isn’t a good enough reason to deplete your savings, then almost nothing else is either.

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  1. Lorene permalink
    August 24, 2011 10:41 am

    Our plan is to roll the LOC into our mortgage and make extra payments when we can. Interest rates are low at least!
    Wow, that’s some height that Slipper can get!

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