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Things I can’t have

July 31, 2011
by Erin B

I wish I could replace my computer with an iPad.  Almost everything I do on my computer could be done on the iPad.  The few things that can’t could be done on the family desktop.  An iPad could travel with me easier.  I could internet in bed easier.  AND (this is the big one that just come up) I could take it to D&D for notes.

I don’t take notes at D&D.  In doing so, I am the weak link in my game.  But… well, if I have to keep stopping to take notes, I don’t pay as close attention to what is going on.  My hand writing is…. about what you would expect after being in health care sine 1998.  To be perfectly honest, that is the big draw of WordPress over pretty journals.

Yes, I could bring my laptop, but that is a big barrier between me and the other players.  I mean it, it would be a physical barrier between me and the gaming surface (when you use them) and between me and eye contact with the gamers.

I dream about there being a D&D app that would let me put my character stats and stuff in.  I can’t imagine that there isn’t one.  I haven’t gone to look, I don’t want to be further disappointed by how fabulous it could be….

It’s going to be a while.  This year was the scheduled upgrade for my laptop.  The plan was to replace it in 2011.  When the first iPad came out, I had offered to wait a little if the iPad didn’t have a forward facing camera for iChat yet.  My computer is still OK.  I can keep waiting for some of the other things we need to be taken care of first.

In other news, there is a sale on windows right now.  I need to get at least V’s replaced.   It would be nice to get the last two replaced as well.  I don’t know if we are going to.  T’s mom has taken over saving for Toddler girls RESP for a couple of months.  That extra $200 a month is going towards paying for our repairs, along with our regularly scheduled RRSP contributions, our TFSA contributions, and my paycheque.

Between the furnace, the freezer, the electrical, the painting, the garden and the window, I expect we will be $10,000 in the hole by the end of summer.  It is getting to the point where it feels like we won’t be able to get out of debt.  I know that isn’t true.  It will likely take a little over a year of pinching pennies.  In the mean time, I already have some debt fatigue.  The transferring money that would go to saving toward the debt is happening automatically.  We don’t notice it now.  We will notice it years down the road when we need to cash in, but since it is going to protect the house…..  Money well spent, right?  It’s the putting my paycheque toward the repairs that stings a little.  I don’t make much, but  usually it goes to cover the little extras.

iPad in 2013?  We’ll see.

The painters aren’t here over the weekend, but they have done enough that I am starting to get really excited about seeing it done.  It makes a big difference in how the house looks.  That isn’t why we did it.  The amount of patching they had to do to re-seal the wood was shocking.  As an added benefit, it will look really nice when it is done.  I have to admit to being a little house proud.

You may have noticed.

My father in law says, it doesn’t pay to go window shopping, it just makes you dissatisfied with what you have.  That’s all this is.  Darn you Apple and your incredibly effective advertizing!

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