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Come home soon, T!

July 15, 2011
by Erin B

T gets home in… about 12 hours.

I miss him terribly and so does toddler girl.

As an aside, I need him back because the things that he does around here aren’t getting done.

Terry Pratchett once wrote (briefly) about a tribe of all women warriors who would capture wandering men and take them back to their city, where the men would be forced to perform manly duties that were rigorous and the men did not last long.  They had to open jars and put up shelves.

And step on crickets.   I hate that crunchy sound.

And drink half the coffee.  I having been drinking the whole pot on my own and I’m down to 5 hours of sleep at night….. and I’m a little jittery.  I seem to be REALLY susceptible to the effects of caffeine.

OK, so I’m also getting a little silly (due to lack of sleep).  What I’m really trying to say is that over the last eight years T and I have become a highly functional team.  We can depend on each other to help out and take over seamlessly when one of us gets in over our head.  I have really missed that this week.  Having someone to help with Ellie when she has an emergency just as I’m half way through making supper.  Last night dropping everything to help out meant that supper timing went bad and din-din hit the bin.  I can to call for reinforcements and pizza.

T is good at telling me to turn off the darn light and go to bed even when I’m distracted.  Plus he’s snuggley and warm and keeps the crickets off the bed.  He listens to me when I talk about all the wackly little things that happened in my day and I can tell him all the weird and embarrassing stuff that Toddler girl does that I wouldn’t want to post on the internet.  He is better at getting her to go to bed too.  T gives really good back rubs that can have either of us asleep in five minutes flat.

I miss you T.

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