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Home sick

July 8, 2011
by Erin B

The last few days Toddler girl has had a runny nose.  She has also been playing outside in the dirt and helping me weed the garden and generally smelling every “flower” we pull.  It’s hay fever, I thought.  I get that too.  No big surprise.

Yesterday we our anniversary and she stayed with Gramma.  The two big girls and T and I went out for supper then rented a couple of movies and had dessert.  My nose started to run a little during dinner and by the time we got through the second movie, I could hardly breathe.

My lungs are completely fried from decades of being a secondhand chain smoker.  From prenatal until age twenty, I breathed in approximately 2 packs a day.  I have enough scarring on my lungs that I can pick my chest x-ray out of a line-up.  Head and chest colds hit me hard.  Where Toddler girls was snotty but still good to go, I am pretty much bed ridden.  Which leads me to my next problem…..

She still wants to play.  The big girls are sleeping in.  I am just not up to it today.

So, I am being a bad mommy and letting the TV babysit her today while I lay here, wrapped in blankets with a box of tissue on one side of me and a bin of used tissue on the other.  And I am reminded that although I may talk about having quit my job at the university because she was getting sick all the time, I get sick too.

I am so glad I am not working this weekend.  I hope I get better before next week when T has a big thing at work.  When I’m sick, he really steps up to help out.  Next week, he won’t be able to.

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  1. Lorene permalink
    July 8, 2011 11:31 am

    Letting the TV babysit her for one day is hardly a moral failing. 🙂 Take care of yourself! A moral failing would be to give toddler girl cough syrup to make her sleepy so you could get sleep. I’d probably be one of those parents who gave their kids a sippy cup with whiskey in it so they’d go to sleep. 😛

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