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June 25, 2011
by Erin B

So today was my first run on the couch to 5k plan since I fell.  It was supposed to me run number 5 (AKA W2D2) having missed Wednesday.  If I had stuck to the plan, today would have been W2D3 or run number 6.  However you count it, the plan for today was walk 1 minute, run 1 minute and repeat 7 times.

Ummm…  Not so much.  I could run about 45 seconds and I only managed 6 repeats.  I had to completely skip run #5.

This is getting really frustrating.

I know I’m not getting the body I had as a teenager back.  I know that I am technically in the “overweight” section of the BMI scale at 146lbs on 5’4 frame.  And I am OK with all of that.  What drives me nuts is that even when I am adding extra activity and trying to improve my stamina it isn’t working.

Is it time for medical help? Maybe a referral to a physio therapist who could plan some workouts for me would make the difference.

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  1. Lorene permalink
    June 25, 2011 3:00 am

    You’re overweight? YOU’RE overWEIGHT? Have I mentioned how stupid I think the BMI scale is lately?

    My off the cuff totally layperson thought would be that you should get your iron levels checked. In order to have stamina you need oxygen in them blood cells. That may be a wall you’re hitting.

  2. Erin Brown permalink*
    June 25, 2011 11:03 am

    Yes, well…. I have to say part of that is I dress with care. I have a good set of rolls under my cloths.

  3. Erin Brown permalink*
    June 25, 2011 11:10 am

    My iron is fine but I still take a supplement every day.

    Speaking of stupid: T is dancing on the edge of BMI obese.

    None of that bothers me when I feel like I can still do the stuff I want to be able to do. I don’t care if I sweat while I’m doing it. I just want to be able to … well the bottom line is I want to be able to play tag with Toddler girl until she is tired, not until I have to stop. One step for me is about three for her, so in theory she should get tired first.

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