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New House, New Landscaping Challenges

June 9, 2016
by Erin B


IMG_0644This is our new house.  That picture was taken April 13th this year.  That is not our driveway.

Since then, we have done some work.  All those trees were growing into the roof.  They are now gone.  That took a month of work on our part and several thousand dollars to get the two big/problem trees professionally removed.

The lawn is horrible, but there is no point in reseeding yet.


Worth noting that this is technically a duplex and the colour change in the stain indicates the neighbour’s section

Here is the house today:I painted the mailbox to match our (eventual) red roof.  The trees are gone, sort of.  I planted a grafted apple tree and a grafted pear tree.

The big tree was supposed to have the stump ground out.  But the tree debris (or tree poop, as we call it) had not been maintained.  T used his front end loader attachment for his tractor to load the trailer and take the crap to the compost dump.  It was approximately two feet deep and took SEVEN trailer loads to clear it all.  Which is were we found this:


My foot for size reference.  It’s the stump from the big tree.  It is more than three feet across and still sticks up above lawn level.  I can see that the tree guy tried to stump grind it, but it is not removed enough to lawn over.

Which… has me conflicted.  Ideally, I would have liked them to have told us to clear the debris first and have them back later.  We had talked about needing it gone so we could lawn.  Failing that, I would have liked them to at least tell us that it may not be below the grade so that when we rented the stump grinder for the other 12  stumps we ground out we could have dealt with it ourselves.

I understand that wading through (at that point) a good six inches of pine needles to grind out the stump was likely a pain in the ass.  I understand that they just wanted to finish the job and get paid.  I even understand the to stump guy was a sub contractor and the tree guy may not have told him it needed to lawn ready when he was done.

Nonetheless, I am stuck with a three foot stump that I didn’t know was there, that is now really close to where I planted a new tree after we paid quite a bit extra to have it removed.  Plus, I found it AFTER I left an excellent review and recommended them to a couple of friends.

I find that really frustrating.

And now for something completely different.

Check out my strawberry bed:


It was previously full of three overgrown cedars that were wrecking the roof and a massive tangle of junipers that were attacking the walk way.  The plan is to widen the walk way so that the strawberries are enclosed with a 3 feet walk way all the way around.  It is currently planted with three different kinds of strawberries.  They are all ever bearing (they produce berries all season).  The cool part is that the flowers are three different colours: white, light pink and dark pink.  It makes me happy.

The brick surround isn’t staying.  I’ll post it on the local sales page soon.  There were a lot of bricks in the yard.  I used some around my raspberries and some around the cedars I planted.  We are keeping some for a fire pit.  But there are still hundreds left.

I’m building some serious muscles moving them all.

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