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Throw Back… er… Sunday?

May 16, 2015
by Erin B

Last May, I wrote this post for the Prairie Lily Knitting store newsletter.  It occurred to me today, that I never posted pictures of my finished Adam’s Rib sweater.  I love it.  I wear it all the time.  It’s almost midnight and I don’t feel up to writing about it.  So…. here is a lazy cut, paste and slight rewrite of what I wrote last year:

Is It Spring Yet?

Last month, we talked about knitting a spring sweater.  Since then we have had a couple of snow storms.  While the first of May is the first day of summer on the agricultural calendar, it is -7C as I write this.

Definitely, time for a nice wool sweater.

This is the long sleeve version of the Adam’s Rib sweater by Carol Sunday of Sunday Knits.  It is knit all in one piece and is full reversible, which is a handy feature for when you are rushing out the door.

You can find more information about this pattern on Ravelry here:

Knitting skills needed for this pattern are left and right decreases and knitting into the stitch leg on the row below, provisional cast on and some really clever short row shaping to make the shoulder cap.

Why am I featuring this sweater?  Because I just finished one.

IMG_0266I’m not going to lie, I found this pattern difficult and rated it so on Ravelry.  However, “challenging” would have been a better description.  I learned a lot knitting this sweater.  It was my first successful sweater, my first provisional cast on, my first drunken knitting story.

I altered the pattern in that I knit both sleeves at the same time on one long circular knitting needle using the magic loop method I had picked up for knitting socks two at a time.   This change worked so well that I plan to use it for sweater sleeves from now on.IMG_0267

I also changed yarn.  This sweater was knit size small and took me 7 skeins of Cascade 220 in light grey.  I am very happy with how it turned out.  I am also very happy that the only sewing up was just a few stitches in the shoulders.  It really is fully reversible, which has come in handy.

Here are my project notes from Ravelry:

FINAL VERDICT: I would knit this again

Dec 6, 13 – spent the morning frogging my last two days worth of knitting on the short rows in the arm pit. I thought I was following the directions, but when I got to the far side and started my increases, I could see it wasn’t right. It is a very clever pattern, but it is not as clear about where you are going with things as I like. I guess this means I won’t enjoy knitting the “Baby Surprise” jacket, either.

Dec 18, 13 – Not as much knitting happening just now, too much yule tide prep. Starting my third skein. I am just about to divide for the second shoulder. Feeling a little nervous, but I have done this before so it should go a little better this time. Third time is the charm, right?

Dec 22, 2013 – Starting skien 4. I am still not 100% that the sleeve are going to be OK, but the stitches seem to line up ok on the shoulders and I am really enjoying the traveling rib. Just enough pattern to keep it interesting, but not too much so I can still knit in low light.

Dec 25 -2013 -Started first should cap and skien #5. I suspect I might need six skeins. Can’t find where the sixth one I purchased has gotten too. Have to shop the stash tomorrow. In other news the shoulder cap is also giving me grief. Seriously considering moving the difficulty up to “difficult” While I understand that this project is no four strand fair isle Queen Anne sweater, I am finding this pattern difficult.

December 26- 2013 – in the cold light of day, I have decided I need to find the other skien and try the other shoulder cap. If they both look the same, I will alternate pattern repeats and knit them at the same time. Otherwise, I will frog the shoulder cap that looks the worst and start again. The first shoulder looks like a shoulder cap, but some of the short rows are a little awkward. Want to be sure that is the pattern and not just my skill level.

later 26/12/13 – Went looking for ball #6 that I purchased as insurance. It looks like I am going to need one more skien. Couldn’t find it anywhere. Weighted the sweater, after zeroing for the needles and realized it is already at 543gram. This looks like it will be close to a 7 skien sweater. This is kind of shocking since I knit a couple of gauge swatches in order to get gauge and the kit in this size comes with the equivalent of five balls. I’m starting to worry a little about that too.

27/12/13 I knit the first shoulder cap after a couple of drinks while watching the Doctor Who Christmas special. It worked perfectly. I knit the second shoulder today while perfectly sober. It took me two tries. Not sure what this says about me.

10/01/14 Sweater is going into the “Bad Knitting!” box. It is officially in time out. I accept full responsibility for this. It is not Carol’s fault at all. I ran into problems making my sleeve decreases even and in pattern. Way frustrated and need a break

Mar 17 – 14 spring is on the way, time to finish this darn sweater. Ripped both sleeves back to the elbows and picked up the stitches on a freakishly long circ. Plan to knit the sleeve two at a time to try to get the decreases more even. Spent an hour with a master knitter to get the sleeves set up in such away that the decreases in armpits make sense on the circ. No actual progress today, but feel vaguely confident that I am set up for future progress. Still like the pattern and if this sweater turns out to be vaguely the right size (I have gauge problems, sometimes even when I swatch, which I did) I would even consider knitting another one.

April 11 – 2014 – another couple of inches on the sleeves and I’ll be done!

April 12 2014 – off the needles and blocked! I love it. It needs a shawl pin and I’m thinking about picking up the sleeves, and adding another inch on a smaller needles. The sleeves blocked a little shorter than I was expecting. Not sure if it bothers me or not. I’m going to wait a week and see if it drives me nuts. So… maybe complete? I have enough left from that 7th skein that I could knit longer sleeves if I decide to

one year in (11Apr15)- I still haven’t knit a second one. I am in the grips of a sock jag, but I wear the snot out of this sweater. It has a great feature for moms that the designer has not talked up: It Is COMPLETELY Reversible! So when you are in a rush to get the kid to school on time and are frantically scrambling into a sweater as you rush out the door, you CAN NOT put this one on inside out! Once I whittle down the sock yarn stash a bit, I am absolutely making another one of these!

And, just for fun, here is a picture of Captain Jack Harkness riding Huggy The Dinosaur.  I did mention there would be random science fiction references on this blog.


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