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Things have changed

January 22, 2015
by Erin B

January 1st I started a part time job.  I get about 20 hours a week and I am happy to  have something reliable.  Unfortunately, I has signed up for quite a few extra shifts at  the other places I work as a casual.  Now, I could just flat out quit those other jobs but I am resisting.  Partly because if the new job goes south, I may need to go back there.  Largely because my profession is fairly small.  There are about 300 of us in the whole province who are licensed and insured.*  It’s a fairly small community and I know that if I just pull the plug people I know (and who know everyone else I might ever work with) will have messed vacations and not be able to  travel to see their first grand-baby.

The down side of this is that I am currently working more than full time.  Some weeks, it’s a lot more than full time.  It is really hard and I have been kind of grumpy.  Throw in a sleep disorder and problems at Little Girl’s school and I just haven’t been up to blogging.

I have joined a sock club, so if you are interested in knitting there should be pictures soon.  I am also going on a retreat this weekend and hope to be refreshed and less irritable by Sunday night.  Which is good, because starting Monday, I work both in and out of town and it will be …. busy.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have an hour commute, in the dark to a job where I have to wait in the parking lot for someone with a key to arrive and let me in.



*Who knows how many people taking blood, running lab tests and exposing people to radiation without insurance.  We aren’t required by law to have insurance or continuing education.  Our professional body has been working for years to try to get something in place to change that.  Please right to your SK-MLA and complain that CLXT’s should be self regulated.

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