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Canadian Thanksgiving Countdown

October 12, 2014
by Erin B

Things to remember this year: Don’t peak at the turkey, just trust the recipe.  Open the windows and turn off the furnace because the house will get hot.

T(urkey) minus 24 h: Brine turkey according to my variation on the Alton Brown Recipe

T minus 18 hours: Spend two hours up with coughing Little Girl, send out sick person in the house warning to everyone who was invited.

T minus 15 hours: T’s turn to be up with sick Little Girl

T minus 9 hours: wonder who scheduled Thanksgiving to coincide with the start of cold and flu season. Try to schedule for food exchange with guest who don’t want to enter Little Girl’s blast radius.  Organize quiet activities for Little Girl to do in her room.

T minus 8 hours: Realize I don’t need to put the turkey in until 2pm, think about what still needs to be done to the bathroom.  Organize hanging baskets for washcloths.

T minus 7 hours 45 minutes: get distracted with blogging, go out to buy hardware for the bathroom

T minus 7 hours: make bacon and eggs for first round of holiday guests leaving before Turkey.

T minus 6 hours: finish bathroom reno.

T minus 5.5 hours: Send Little Girl for a nap in spite of her protests because she is just too crabby.

T minus 5 hours: Watch the latest Doctor Who episode

T minus 3.5 hours: turn oven on to 500F

T minus 3 hours: put bird in oven, start sautéing onions and celery for dressing. Cube bread.

T minus 2.5 hours, turn oven down to 350F.  Pour onion and celery over bread, season with salt, pepper, and sage, drizzle with broth.

T minus 2 hours: put casserole dish (with lid) full of stuffing into oven. Give up on having Little Girl nap and let her watch Day of the Doctor.

T minus 90 minutes: exchange text messages with guests to arrange food exchange.  I swapping a quarter roast turkey and dressing and cranberries and asparagus sautéd in bacon fat for a pie and some lovely cauliflower.  Start the heel on the pair of socks I’m knitting for C.

T minus 30 minutes: turn off the oven, start the potatoes, start the carrots, start the asparagus, realize Little Girl hasn’t coughed all day.  Re-invite the guests.

T minus 10 minutes: Panic, Mash the potatoes, drain the carrots, make the gravy.  Scream in despair. Get responding family to clear and set the table, find out C can make hollandaise sauce.  Tell her to make it so.

T minus 5 minutes: have Little Girl call guests and tell them we are ready.

Eat at 6:15 only 15 minutes later than planned.



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