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This week in my bathroom

September 6, 2014
by Erin B

Not much happened.

We primed the drywall and had an emergency ceiling repair.  That got it to the white box stage.


Then we used Mapai Aqua Dessents to water proof the shower.  It goes on with a brush and roller.  Here it is as I cut in.


Here is a popcorn-free ceiling shot


First coat of the water proofing.  It officially takes two coats, but it took us three to get it to the thickness the package said we needed.


Floor repairs where we had some damp:

Wednesday we got our floor:


Yesterday they started the tile.

IMG_0424After talking to the tilers, there have been some changes.  Instead of black grout we are going with dark grey and we are adding an extra band of accent tile.  Which I have to go pick up now.  More updates next week.


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