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Since we last spoke

August 22, 2014
by Erin B


We left off about here:


Now, this actually requires a bit of explanation.  Our house was a show home in 1963, so it had a lot of “upgrades.”  One of those upgrades was “noise dampening.”  In 1963, that meant closing four layers of drywall in between the studs.  Hells, yes, our house is quiet.  But it also meant four times as much drywall to haul away when we gutted the bathroom.  It worked out to a whole trailer full.

Once that was done, we had this:


And more pressingly, this:


Yup.  They ran electrical right through were we needed the taps to go.  We couldn’t put them back, because on the side where they were is the chimney:


So, we brought in the professionals and got all of that moved.  Our plumbing is now on the hallway side instead of crammed against the chimney.


The bathtub is in:


Although, that was all kinds of fun.  The first one we brought home had been hit by a forklift, but we couldn’t tell until we opened the box and it was crushed on one end.  We had to take it back and the store opened three more tubs before they found an intact one for us.  It put the plumbing back a whole day.


I got to help hook that up.

Here are the tap rough ins:


OK, so I’m missing a picture there.

Once the plumber was done, we put sound damping material back in.  Since it is no longer 1963, we used Roxul, Safe n’ Sound.  I love that stuff.  It is not itchy.  Which is good, because I took a day and did the whole room.



Then the dry waller came.  That took a week.

To be continued….

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