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May 27, 2011
by Erin B

I have run out of Flickr space on my free account, so you will have to just be aware that some of the pictures on this blog may start to break.  At some point, when I have the bikes paid off and the home repairs paid for and when I own more than 2 pairs of pants, I plan to buy a pro account.  But that won’t be for a while.

Now that the explanation is over, let’s talk gardening.

I like gardening.  The food I grow tastes better and costs less than anything I could buy in a store.  My garden is in the front yard because that is the south side of the house.  This year we are trying to spruce it up a little and make it more T accessible.  We are building four raised garden beds so that he can sit in a chair to help, if he wants too.  There will be those large concrete pavers between the beds.

For now we have dirt.  Here is a picture of our dirt:


The first thing I needed to do was move the existing topsoil out of the way.  To keep this project from getting out of hand, I built the raised beds and I’m storing the soil in them:


Then I need to rototill the space where the garden will be and rake it flat:


Then bring in two loads of sand and rake that flat to be the base the pavers will sit on. So far I have the first load unloaded, but not raked flat.


Since that was all I could do yesterday, I decided to prune our cedar. You can see it in the top picture. Once I started shaping it, I found it was infested with ants. I googled ants in cedar and found that my ants look just like carpenter ants.

The cedar is right next to our neighbours rotting carport and next to our old wooden fence that is touching our wood siding. Eep.

So I aggressively pruned the cedar and also the Mountain ash that had ants too.


Here is a picture of what is left:


For now gardening is on hold. T has to haul away the tree and pick up another load of sand. I’m working today, tomorrow and Sunday, so no blogging or gardening until Monday or Tuesday.

I need to rush this project though, otherwise I will miss the narrow grow season we have.

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