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Going, going….. gone!

August 11, 2014
by Erin B

Some reno action shots:


tub surround removal

Starting to disassemble the tub surround


Then, once we had the tap cover off, we began to see exactly what we were going to have to deal with




So, drywall behind the surround…  Who knew?  As near as we can tell, this meant that there was a previous tub surround installed, a significantly shorter one, and when it was removed they just put drywall in and mounted the new surround to it.  Guess that’s how it was done in the 80s…



The back piece of the surround was incredibly heavy, and once it was down we could see…



where the taps had been leaking…




Fortunately, since none of us could lift and maneuver that huge piece of faux marble, we found that it was also very brittle and easily smashable.


Getting down to the studsIMG_0369


The old vanity, with its banjo top, GONE!IMG_0370



Who knows what evil lurks behind the drywall?!?  This was how the AC wiring for the light switch and fan was run, which of course meant that, unless we moved it, we couldn’t flip the tub around like we’d plannedIMG_0371


The new bathroom window!  We’re thinking of keeping this, since it makes it so much easier to pass things to people going down the stairs..



How many houses today come with custom, monogrammed lumber?  Old growth forest, baby!



Tub’s gone!  Hurray!


But we sure have a lot of drywall left!


Drywall’s all cleaned upIMG_0380

IMG_0381Just have to pull all the nails, tidy up a bit and we’re ready for the plumber!

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