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Pre-reno Pictures

August 9, 2014
by Erin B

Our reno is…. still going ahead, but it will be more DIY than we hoped.  Our town is still in a housing boom.  In fact it is so bad that I am kind of waiting for the bubble to burst around here.  Houses are going up all over the place.  Trades men are at a premium.

Our $10,000 and August estimate turned into a $18,000 and maybe October quote and the project co-ordinator for the company we are working with is either genuinely upset by that or an Oscar worthy actress who has missed her calling.

So…. we can do our own demo.  We have our own drywaller, his name is T.  He is really great.  We really like our plumbers who have always gone above and beyond for us.  The company we were working will can do the vanity and flooring instal.  We need a tiler.

Yesterday, the plumber capped our lines and today the destruction phase begins.

Here are the before pictures:








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