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Since we last talked…

May 24, 2014
by Erin B

Let’s see, I put my car in the ditch during a blizzard at the end of April that I am blaming firmly on climate change.  I was stuck there for an hour until the tow truck found me and I ended up missing the day of work at the out of town hospital.  However, just up the road that day there was a head on collision between a pick up and a semi that slid into each other and end up with someone in the hospital, so I was lucky that there wasn’t anyone else on the road at 5:30 am.

Our bathroom had issues that we spent a lot of time fixing.  Then promptly had even more issues and we are now on a wait list for a contractor, because there is a housing boom where I live.  We can’t really afford a new bathroom, but since we need to be able to shower we are having to make arrangements to be able to afford one.

Little girl is still struggling in school.  It’s gotten a little better, but she is still having problems.  We went to a kindergarten meet and greet at the other school we are considering for her.  She blends in with the four year olds who are getting ready to start school more than her class of kids almost done kindergarten.  Based purely on height and speech patterns, she shouldn’t have started yet.  But….

The parents followed the kids to the library and the librarian read a story.  We all went to the kindergarten room and the kids did a craft.  She has great scissor and colouring skills. Then the parents met with the principal and the kids went to the gym.

The principal explained about the school district having a policy where they don’t hold kids back and said “If you aren’t sure your child is ready, it is OK to wait a year.”  I wish some one had said that last year.  She also talked about bussing and acceptable food to send.  They have a fruit only snack policy, with just a refillable water bottle to drink.  They want “waste free” snacks. That was what we had last year for pre-school.  This year, in kindergarten, it has been a no-mans land of packaged snacks.  It has been really hard on Little Girl, because I still only send fruit.

After we were done listen to the principal, we went to the gym to collect our kids.  The kids were sitting in a circle drinking from juice boxes and eating chocolate cupcakes with enough icing that more of them were going to need a bath.  So much for the healthy, waste free snack policy.

There was Little Girl, neatly drinking a box of OJ.  She explained to me that she refused the apple juice because she gets a rash and didn’t take a cupcake because they were too sticky and she wasn’t hungry yet because she had a good breakfast.  I was so proud of her!  It also maybe speaks to a maturity level of someone who is ready for Grade one.  It wasn’t quite the Stanford Marshmallow Experiment, but I was still really impressed.

Lots to think about.

I signed up for a knitting retreat MONTHS ago, before we knew that we were going to need a new bathroom.  I went and it was lovely and I hope to do it again….  but not until we finish paying for the bathroom.

The garden is finally going in, but this is the latest I have still had snow on the ground since I have lived in this house.

Aside from the four regular garden beds, we are building two more, which will take us to the property line and save us from having to mow a crappy little six foot wide strip of grass and tree stumps.  However to get there, I have had to dig up a 6 x 20 foot chunk of grass and we had to rent a stump grinder to take out the stumps.  Since we had the stump grinder, we help the nice family a couple of blocks away and a friend of the family that live halfway across town.  In the over night rental, we took out our four, the neighbours one that was kind of a cluster of four with a rock hidden in the centre and five at the lady’s place across town.

It has been a hard working month.  Plus it’s a busy time for my volunteer position on the board of directors for my professional association.

Work your fingers to the bone and all you will have is boney fingers.

When I get stressed, I knit and find ways to keep busy.  When I get really stressed, I stop.  I knit all last weekend.  Thursday, I stopped.  Between frantically trying to put in the garden and trying to do as much of the hardscaping as I can without spending any money, I am physically, emotionally and mentally drained at the end of the day.

It has been a crazy month.

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