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Long day Friday

May 21, 2011
by Erin B

My day might not seem that interesting.  The whole family got up early because all three of us had optometrist appointments at 8:30am.  It went well.  Even being among the first appointments of the day, they were already 20 minutes behind.  The last time I went Toddler girl’s appointment was at 3pm and we didn’t make it home for supper at 6pm.  That’s a long wait when you are 18 months old.

I knew I was going to need new glasses.  My last pair got broken during ….  I don’t even remember what I was doing, but there was a small person involved.  I have been wearing a old pair from 2003 for the last month.  After our appointment, T went to work.  Toddler girl and I went to a couple of Eyeglasses stores and I picked out some frames.  She was very patient.  She read Beatrix Potter (or at least looked at the pictures) on my Kindle. 

After that we went to the park to go on the swings as a reward for her being so patient.  Swings is just about her favourite thing in the world.  There was a whole daycare there.  All of the kids were bigger than she is.  No real surprise since everyone is bigger than she is.  It made her a little uncomfortable.  I once again had to realize that the kids 6 to 8 months younger than she is are as big or bigger than her.  It was be really awkward having somebody that is taller than you and beefier than you wobbling toward you, drooling everywhere, who can’t talk but could knock you down and crush you if you take a hit.  There is a huge development difference between a potty trained articulate two and a half year old and a 16 – 18 month old.  Even if the 18 month old is bigger.

She still was very well behaved, even after the gaffer tried to give her a hug she didn’t want.  She did cry for her Mum-mum, but she didn’t push back.  I understand the feeling, once you’ve been manhandled by some staggering behemoth it’s time to go home.  She got some swing time and I got a nice discussion with the daycare staff.  It was nice to have someone else be impressed at how articulate she is for her age.

On a side note, I expect C to out grow that Colt.  At the rate she is going, I don’t think Toddler girl will.

Toddler girl was even fairly good through dropping off our paperwork at the insurance company, despite her getting tired and hungry at that point.  We stopped to have lunch at the University.   They have a melon cup that is a favourite.  Neither of us were going to make it all the way home without food.

We had a nice lunch and a good trip to the public bathroom, that was slightly unnerving for her but still productive.  She was clean and dry all day.  She fell asleep on the way home.

When we got home at 2pm, we had a second lunch and washed some laundry.  It was a normal day.

Where we did NOT use a car.  Yes, those car free people out there are scoffing at me.  But to be able to bike that far AND have Toddler girl put up for me pedaling her around!  For us, that is a huge change.  16.59 km (according to Google maps) with a Toddler on the back of a 1972 Raleigh Superbe!  With some fairly good hills in that route!  And I can still walk this morning!

I can’t take a Panda shot with Toddler in the bike and since I had to carry her sleeping form into the house, I didn’t get any pictures of the trip.  But I did it!  I am proud of myself and I am proud of her.

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  1. Lorene permalink
    May 24, 2011 1:50 am

    Way to go! Amazing.

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