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Sock Jag? Or just comfort knitting?

March 26, 2014
by Erin B

I remember reading something by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee about being on a knitting jag and having it end as soon as you go out to buy extra yarn for whatever it is you are working on.  I bought a couple of extra balls of that sock yarn I am so enthralled by and, sure enough, things have happened and the sock knitting has become less single minded.

Remember this sweater?  It’s back.  I only have a little left.  Two sleeves from the elbow to the wrist to be exact.  I had the first one complete, but didn’t like how the decreases had worked out, so I ripped it back and am knitting both sleeves at once the way I would two at a time socks.   Two at a time is something I hadn’t ever done before the sock jag took over my life in February.

I honestly don’t know what to say about that sweater.  The designer is clearly brilliant.  Carol Sunday.  Check her out.  The design is amazing.  But I am knitting above my weight class here.  I have three years of knitting but there are people my age who have 30+ years of knitting under their belts and…

I have never successfully completed a sweater for myself before.*

The Effortless Cardigan – failed the sleeves.  Twice. Frogged the project

Sweat Shirt Sweater – Had significant gauge problems, it fit my husband who is built like a drill sergeant.  He would have kept it too, if it hadn’t been such a lovely lilac colour. Frogged it, it is being reborn as a hat, scarf and some arm warmers.

Simple Summer Tweed – Ah, yes.  My first ever knitting project.  I knit it, all the way to finished.  It fit.  But I chose the wrong yarn and the drape was terrible and I hadn’t quite figured out the “combination” part of combination knitting so half my stitches were twisted and looked funny.  Frogged.

I am worried.  I am worried about that extra ball of yarn I needed to buy.  I am worried it is going to hit the water and grow like the sweatshirt sweater did.  I am worried I am going to completely cack up the sleeves.

Socks are easy.  They are my comfort zone for knitting.

But spring is coming and I want to wear a sweater, damn it!



* OK, so the sweat shirt sweater was successfully completed and did fit someone in my family (even if it wasn’t ever going to be worn) and Little Girls zippered sweater jacket worked out OK, but I have nothing I can wear and say, “Oh this?  Yeah.  I made it myself”  and people just look at you funny when you start whipping off you shoes to show off your socks.

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