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Winter is back

March 21, 2014
by Erin B

Last week was lovely and warm.  Sort of.  Well, it was above freezing.  It was above freezing during part of the day.

Look, it’s Canada, I’ll take what I can get, OK?

The Big Bike made it’s first trip out.  I picked Little Girl up from school and we biked to the good grocery store to buy milk and what not.

The Before Christmas Sweater was dug out and I frogged back one of the sleeves, again.  I picked up the stitched and am knitting the sleeves two at a time style to make sure they match.

The Jupiter Socks came off the needles on Wednesday.  I wore them yesterday and they are going into the wash.  They are a little itchy around the ankles.  It reminded me why I like my favourite sock yarn (Cascade Heritage Paints) so much.  They are just softer.  I wish Cascade sock yarn came in as many  colour choices as ONLine.  Or that ONLine had the texture of the Cascade.  But it doesn’t.

Today is -19C (Feels like -30C) or -2F (Feels like -22F).

I kind of just want to hide in bed today.  Working the late shift instead.  Not looking forward to coming home in the cold and dark.  Still, a girls gotta eat.

Speaking of which, have you tried adding a little celery seed to your ranch dressing?   I buy Johnny’s X-treme Dill Ranch (not an endorsement, it just happens to be the one I like) and a little sprinkle of celery seed on top of my salad really sells it.

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