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23 Gram Socks – The On Going Saga

March 1, 2014
by Erin B


Besides stash busting, there are some really nice things about those 23g socks.  They are so fast as to pretty much be instant gratification…at least  by my knitting standards.

The first pair, I completely followed the Chocolate Vanilla Sock Pattern.  That was the pair in the Regia, Kaffe Fasset yarn.  The second (the first official 23 gram pair) I added ribbing after the gusset reduction on the Chocolate Vanilla pattern and reduced the foot length since the first pair were too long.   The third pair, I completely changed the after heel deduction to what I posted last time.

Now I’m on pair number four and I am changing to the Cat Borhi Sweet Tomato Heel.

So, let’s pause for a moment.  Crazy work all month long.  Only one hour of knitting group all month.  One knitting  circle where mostly I knit mom’s scarf in between helping others with their projects.  One major chest infection.  Very minor knitting time….

Three and a half pairs on socks in less than four weeks.

My word!  I do not knit that fast!  It takes me more than a month to knit a pair of socks….  Doesn’t it?

Well…. no…. I usually pick complicated socks with lots of lace and maybe some cables.

The best part of 23 gram socks is that I get to try out all kinds of new things.  This is great.

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