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I am not a Minimalist

January 19, 2014
by Erin B

There are lots of organizational blogs for people with kids that are based on minimalist ideals.

I am not a minimalist.

In some ways, I may look like it.  I started Project 333 and took out all my clothes and counted them.  I was very aware of the guidelines and was prepared to cull.  I have 29 items of clothing in my seasonal wardrobe, not counting socks and underwear.  So…. success?

Little Girl has toys, but not enough to completely cover the floor.

The thing is, no one with five bicycles and as much cast iron as I have can call themselves a minimalist with a straight face.  Or at least I can’t.

I like my things.  I like the 12 place set of cobalt blue glass dishes that were imported from France for me.  The ones that I never use.  That are waiting patiently for Little Girl to get big so I can dig them out and use them with less worry about breakage.  I will use them.  Some will get broken.  They are irreplaceable, but it will be OK.  I just would like to limit the amount of breakage.

I like that I have Gramma’s Victorian furniture in my sewing room.  It isn’t practical.  It isn’t child friendly.  It doesn’t really match the 1960’s basement setting of my sewing room.  The circle chair cradles me perfectly and I love sitting and knitting in it.

I’m not a big fan of clutter.  It makes my eyeballs itch.  I have a fear of crossing that invisible line between having too much stuff and just having stuff.  I am aware of exactly what would go if T and I ever move into one of those two bedroom Craftsman houses I dream about.  I am sorry to say it would include most of Gramma’s furniture (not the circle chair).


In the meantime, Yes, I would like that vintage x-ray machine calibration equipment you are going to throw out.  No I am not going to use it for calibrating my home x-ray machine.  I am going to shadow box them for cool, geeky art work.

Yes, that vintage leather 1959 suitcase set holds my yarn stash.  Barely.  Yes, I do see that some of it is escaping.


And, yes, I do understand that I will likely have my children gasp and roll their eyes at how much stuff I have as they try to help me move into a smaller place.  But I am trying to keep it from getting completely out of hand. and I do go through it all every year and see what can go.  I think that is the key.  I have stuff, but I physically touch each and every item at least once a year in my January clean.  The things I have, I am not just keeping “because” I am keeping them with careful thought and gratitude about what I have.

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