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I Am Not Alone

January 18, 2014
by Erin B

I live in a small house built in 1963. It is small, not tiny, at just over 1000 square feet on the main floor.  There is no second floor, but there is a basement of about 900 square feet.   There are five people and one rabbit in my household.

This makes storage an issue, so I try to be careful about what I bring into the house.  I don’t have great storage, but I’m working on it.  It is really important to me that each of the girls have their own bedroom.  C and Little Girl are upstairs and V has a fully developed room in the basement with her own bathroom (which is currently the nicest bathroom in the house, but I’m saving for a reno).  None of the bedrooms are big, but we are ok with that.  No one has a walk in closet.  There isn’t double closets in the master bedroom.

I do have an ensuite, but it is just a powder room.  Over the holidays we removed the old sink that survived a…. I hate to call it a flood.  It survived Little Girl playing in it and running it over and getting the walls and MDF cabinet wet really clean.  The wall behind the new sink is still a little uneven from this event, but it is dry and suffered no mould issues, so I can live with the slight wave until we do a major gut job.

I love reading house blogs.  Heck, check out my blog roll for my current favourites.  They change a bit but I always have a few.  The thing is, I kind of fall into a house blog void.  I am not proposing to fill this void, I am just pointing out that it is there.

Tiny houses have lots of resources…. for, well, DINKs.*  My house is bigger than most of the houses in the tiny house blog-o-sphere, but a lot of the time when I look at square footage divided by number of people using it, I have less space than some of these Tiny Home Owners.  Some of the storage ideas I can find on those blogs are great, but most aren’t practical.

Mini Manor and Young House Love both started out in houses that were close to the size I have, but have since upgraded to three or four times the space I have.  Most of the decorating blogs have houses WAY bigger than mine and the things they work on don’t help me.

Apartment Therapy is great and it often makes my kitchen/dinning room/living room feel huge, but they aren’t really targeting budget conscious moms with three kids.

The thing that boggles my mind (besides how YHL keeps pronouncing it Foy-r instead of foy-yay) is that there is a huge market of us middle class moms with kids living in houses from the 1950’s – 1980’s where we don’t have a tonne of space but do need help spending our decorating AND RENOVATING dollar.  I know that is the thing, money.  How is it that there is a market where…. Target or Homesense or The Bay or Ikea* or WHOEVER doesn’t have even a sponsored blog to talk about how to store 27 million pieces of Lego in a 9×9 kids bedroom?

If you laundry room is in the unfinished basement and DOESN’T have a chandelier, what tips do you have for how to store your off season clothes?  And worse, your kids’ off season clothes, when you have no idea if they will fit next year but you can’t stand the idea of having to shop for a completely new wardrobe for a 5 year old every season.  Any more than absolutely necessary.

I hate to say this, but Take My Money Please!  I am definitely the target demographic for the retailers mentioned above.  Can’t someone start a blog that is also geared towards my demographic?  But that’s the thing, right?  All us moms with 2.75 children living in small houses looking for affordable decor are too busy raising our 2.75 children to blog about who has the best sales and how to organize the Lego in only 81 square feet.

In other news, stand by for a post about how I set up a craft room in an underdeveloped basement using my Grandmother’s furniture. It may be thrilling.




*Dual Income, No Kids

* Yes, Ikea does have a newsletter, but it doesn’t really follow the families besides just a photo shoot of the room, once.

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