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A is for Crocodile

January 15, 2014
by Erin B

alartpubymea.jpgOn Wednesdays I’m the classroom mom at Little Girl’s school.  I work one on one with the kids who are struggling using activities provided by the school.  I am not ashamed to admit that Little Girl is one of the kids who is having a tough time learning her letters.

Today, I was given a rather worn version of the above puzzle and told to get the kids to say the words that went with each letter and the sound they made.  The letter pieces were mixed in a bag, to be drawn at random.  I worked with five kids and learned some very interesting things.

A – is for: Crocodile.  5/5 kids looked at the picture and said crocodile.

B is for: 3/5 blocks, 2/5 letters

C is for: 4/5 carrot, but the puzzle was a bit faded and Little Girl had to ask if it was a carrot or a parsnip.

D is for: 4/5 had no idea, 1 guessed brownies

E and F everyone knew Elephant and Feet

G is for: 3/5 world, 1/5 planet, 1/5 tape measure

H and I were fine

J is for: 3/5 smarties, 1/5 jelly beans, Little Girl just said beans and I had to explain jelly beans which I think she has had before but she doesn’t remember

K is for 1/4 had no idea what the picture was

L is for 1/4 said sticks and was prepared to argue that ladders are made out of metal and are shaped like this (a triangle shape made with hands).  L was clearly (to him) for sticks and I was just plain mistaken.

N is for: 4/5 peanuts, 1/5 “some sort of fruit with a stone?”

Everyone knew O

P is for 4/5 piano, 1/5 keyboard

Q is for 4/5 chicken, 1/5 “I just don’t know! Bird?”

R is for: 2/5 liquorice, 3/5 candy cane

S and T, no problems

U is for: 1/5 brolly

V is for: 1/5 violin, 1/5 fiddle, 3/5 didn’t know

W is for: 3/5 got waffles, 1/5 said fruit, 1/5 didn’t know

X is for: xylophone 5/5, but I suspect that this is because x is ALWAYS for xylophone

Y is for: 2/5 string, 1/5 wool, 1/5 pants (no, really.)

Everyone knew zebra. 3/5 said Zed, 2/5 said Zee.

Somehow I just find this completely fascinating.  I can understand how frustrated these kids get when the picture CLEARLY has no relation to what the adult claims it to be.




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