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Defying Expectations

January 13, 2014
by Erin B


Way back in September, I had contacted my community association about them hosting a knitting circle.  Just a nice weekly get together and knit.  They briefly talked about would I be willing to TEACH and I hesitantly said sure, but all I really wanted was a place to socialize and knit.  There are a lot of widows in my neighbourhood and a social crafting night might be appreciated.

Yesterday I got an email.  This email:

The knitting circle is set to start this Monday, from 7-9, are you still able to go?  We do have one person signed up and we’ll have it sent out on the email blast.

Um, the first class is scheduled for tonight.  I had nothing really planned to teach, other than a vague, “let’s make a hat” plan.  The one person was a senior woman, but so is my mom and she doesn’t knit.  Don’t fall prey to stereotypes, right?

I got there a few minutes early and had to track down the janitor to unlock the room where I was supposed to be meeting… the one and only person in the city who thought $10 was a fair price for 10 weeks of knitting.  I have my hat pattern, my sweater project and a bunch on spare needles.

Whoo-hoo!  Let’s do this!

The one woman is named P.  She looks at me a bit skeptically and asks “are you the one who knows how to do the european knitting?  I hope you can teach me”

O-kay then.  Take a deep breathe and start talking about knitting theory.  She graciously lets me ramble on for a while before saying that she has knit before, but she wanted to learn the other style.

O-kay.  We cast on.  I show her how to hold her needles and her yarn.  We go through the knit stitch.  She is struggling with holding her yarn on the other hand.  I keep having to remind her to straighten her index finger.  After a few rows, she is mostly OK and I show her the purl stitch.  Purl stitch went better, but she kept having to remind herself that the yarn needed to be on the other side of the needle.

Once she gets going, we start visiting.

P is a Certified Master Knitter with the Knitter’s Guild of Canada.  Her certification is recognized all over the world.  She came to my “class” to learn combination knitting.

I feel more than a little intimidated, but I was able to get a way with some serious slacking off in the teaching department after that.  Still, the mind boggles that I was able to teach a master knitter anything.

She says that next week, if I bring the frost flowers pattern she will show me how to do line 12 with the p3tg-tbl


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  1. LAT permalink
    January 14, 2014 12:18 pm

    LOL! Well it really is more of a get together then. I had no idea you could even get certified in knitting, so cool!

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