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Knitting log

January 2, 2014
by Erin B

Dec 6, 13 – spent the morning frogging my last two days worth of knitting on the short rows in the arm pit. I thought I was following the directions, but when I got to the far side and started my increases, I could see it wasn’t right. It is a very clever pattern, but it is not as clear about where you are going with things as I like. I guess this means I won’t enjoy knitting the “Baby Surprise” jacket, either.

Dec 18, 13 – Not as much knitting happening just now, too much yule tide prep. Starting my third skein. I am just about to divide for the second shoulder. Feeling a little nervous, but I have done this before so it should go a little better this time. Third time is the charm, right?

Dec 22, 2013 – Starting skien 4. I am still not 100% that the sleeve are going to be OK, but the stitches seem to line up ok on the shoulders and I am really enjoying the traveling rib. Just enough pattern to keep it interesting, but not too much so I can still knit in low light.

Dec 25 -2013 -Started first should cap and skien #5. I suspect I might need six skeins. Can’t find where the sixth one I purchased has gotten too. Have to shop the stash tomorrow. In other news the shoulder cap is also giving me grief. Seriously considering moving the difficulty up to “difficult” While I understand that this project is no four strand fair isle Queen Anne sweater, I am finding this pattern difficult.

December 26- 2013 – in the cold light of day, I have decided I need to find the other skien and try the other shoulder cap. If they both look the same, I will alternate pattern repeats and knit them at the same time. Otherwise, I will frog the shoulder cap that looks the worst and start again. The first shoulder looks like a shoulder cap, but some of the short rows are a little awkward. Want to be sure that is the pattern and not just my skill level.

later 26/12/13 – Went looking for ball #6 that I purchased as insurance. It looks like I am going to need one more skien. Couldn’t find it anywhere. Weighted the sweater, after zeroing for the needles and realized it is already at 543gram. This looks like it will be close to a 7 skien sweater. This is kind of shocking since I knit a couple of gauge swatches in order to get gauge and the kit in this size comes with the equivalent of five balls. I’m starting to worry a little about that too.

December 27/13 I knit the first shoulder cap after a couple of drinks while watching the Doctor Who Christmas special. It worked perfectly. I knit the second shoulder today while perfectly sober. It took me two tries.   The first try was worse than the Christmas shoulder.  Not sure what this says about me as a knitter or about the instructions.  Ended up frogging the Christmas shoulder since the second try on the sober side looked better than the first try, but not by much.

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