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Knitting Set Backs

December 10, 2013
by Erin B

I was knitting along.  Things were going fine.  The short rows in the underarm of my sweater were a little confusing, but I was following the pattern… or so I thought.


It took a few (8 but who’s counting) tries to learn the provisional cast on and get the increase up the back of the sleeve to work.  I finally figured out I had the slip knot in the wrong place.  I started the rows for the other shoulder.

Then I held it up in triumph, having navigated the worst part of the pattern and realized….  It just wasn’t right.  It was enough not right that I could see it while the thing was still flat.  I took a whole day to go back through the pattern while counting my stitches on the needle to find that I needed to rip back four days of knitting.  Then it took another two days of down time while the sweater got a time out in the knitting bag before I was able to start over.

The ridiculous, frustrating thing is that I have now worked very hard on this sweater for days an days… yet I am right back at the same place I was last week.  A whole week of knitting, actual knitting, not just leaving the sweater in my bag and I am at the exact same point (the provisional cast on) as I was last Tuesday.


Remind me again why I like this as a hobby?

In other news, the tree is up.  It looks like it was decorated by a small child.  It was.  The shatterproof ornaments are doubling a toys and every night I try to round them up and put them in or around general area of the tree.  If they actually make on to the tree, even better.

The stockings are hung and Little girl puts toys in them, then waits two seconds and “finds” presents from Santa Claus.  Practice runs I guess.  The advent calendar is out.  The weird thing is Little girl is really, REALLY excited to check if every day and is even really excited to get whatever turns up in the little box.  She is so happy that it is working, she doesn’t even care if she eats the candy and has mostly been sharing with me.  Way to go little girl.

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