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Holiday Knitting Extravaganza!

December 3, 2013
by Erin B

Sine I was last here, I have worked hard, gotten a nasty chest infection just in time for my final exam.  Postponed my final, studied while taking cold medicine (I really don’t recommend this), written my final exam while taking less cold medicine (I passed!  Yay!).

I organized a last minute family party for Little Girl and T who have the same birthday.  I ran around to twelve stores to find the one thing Little Girl wanted, it was ridiculous!  I hate last minute shopping, but I was busy.  Everyone helped with the party.  V made cupcakes.  The Aunties brought food.  I even managed to get the one big thing that T wanted as a birthday-holiday combined present.  AND I even was able to unload it out of the car.

Barely making it through the big day with out a nap, I took about a week off for rest, recovery and knitting.  I finished the first Octopus Garden sock I started in March.  I cast on the next one.  I have a touch of Second Sock Syndrome on this one.  I started that first sock three radiography classes ago.  It took a ridiculous amount of time to finish the first one and I don’t really remember the pattern anymore.

I finished the sweater I cast on, knit to almost completion, frogged and restarted over the summer.  I have woven in the ends, but not blocked it.  So far it looks too big, but we will see.

I cast on the Adam’s Rib Sweater last week.  Now I just have to knit 250 meters a week to get it done before the holidays.  If you know me in real life and see me in person in the next five weeks, just ask and I will show you this project.  It will be in my purse.  No more of this six months to make a sweater!  I want to wear this one, darn it!

I invented a new recipe for Blackberry cobbler, but didn’t take pictures.  It’s a keeper and blackberries are on sale just now, so I will make it again.

I’m not knitting gifts for anyone this year, except for me.

I plan to get the tree today.  All the gift shopping was done in two mad days at the end of November (not Black Friday). Despite having a incredibly busy November, I think I might be back on track for the holidays.


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